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¥17,000 ¥22,000 ¥27,000 ¥37,000
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From within Yokohama! Delivery Health [Spicy Women] brings you carefully selected women seeking stimuli that are different from their daily routines and are looking to provocatively stimulate your senses. It is super cheap but exciting, very cheap but the best. Furthermore, we have a largest number of adult toys available in the industry, such as vibrators and cosplay to use as well! All options are free!
We want you to be able to enjoy a little more.

*Normal Fee*
60 min 17,000 JPY
90 min 22,000 JPY
120 min 27,000 JPY
180 min 37,000 JPY

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namina (20)
T161 B90(E) W59 W92

yurin (20)
T154 B91(F) W59 W93

yukari (23)
T155 B90(F) W59 W87

fuuka (18)
T151 B82(B) W58 W83

noa (18)
T150 B88(E) W58 W87

natsumi (18)
T159 B84(C) W57 W87

nana (33)
T164 B95(G) W60 W87

seren (29)
T149 B86(E) W57 W85

moena (20)
T155 B93(G) W58 W94

ayuka (20)
T152 B85(D) W58 W84

shiruku (21)
T164 B98(F) W58 W88

ito (20)
T153 B89(E) W58 W90

chino (21)
T170 B80(B) W57 W85

mao (20)
T171 B98(G) W58 W96

hono (18)
T155 B87(D) W58 W86

yuuna (26)
T160 B90(F) W61 W92

hina (20)
T142 B87(D) W57 W83

mayumi (18)
T164 B89(G) W58 H88

ayame (27)
T162 B87(D) W61 W89

tomoka (18)
T153 B87(D) W58 W88

shinobu (22)
T157 B90(F) W58 W89

china (25)
T154 B89(E) W58 W88

mahiro (26)
T156 B89(E) W58 W87

rin (19)
T157 B86(B) W57 W84

ayaha (20)
T160 B92(F) W61 W93

koyuki (20)
T160 B89(E) W58 W94

yuino (18)
T165 B97(F) W58 W95

honami (24)
T154 B87(E) W58 W88

aina (20)
T160 B85(E) W58 W86

fumika (21)
T164 B90(G) W59 W89

nako (20)
T153 B95(F) W59 W93

izumi (23)
T165 B86(D) W60 W87

neiro (19)
T145 B87(E) W56 W84

suzune (23)
T162 B84(D) W59 W83

riria (23)
T164 B102(F) W60 W96

waka (19)
T161 B85(D) W58 W86

kizuna (20)
T168 B84(C) W56 W83

aria (19)
T153 B84(C) W56 W83

ayana (26)
T150 B85(C) W57 W86

sakura (19)
T155 B88(E) W60 H87

yuuki (20)
T152 B94(E) W57 W89

raito (19)
T168 B92(K) W59 W89

koharu (31)
T160 B95(G) W61 W94

hinano (20)
T142 B82(D) W58 W83

nona (23)
T158 B83(C) W58 W82

kiho (28)
T157 B93(F) W58 W89

kotone (22)
T163 B97(F) W61 W95

minami (20)
T165 B89(D) W58 W90

arare (26)
T155 B86(D) W57 W87

chiko (20)
T166 B90(F) W58 W90

kanami (22)
T153 B85(C) W59 W87

meari (20)
T159 B82(C) W58 W80

ui (22)
T160 B112(K) W59 W99

yuria (20)
T158 B88(F) W58 W87

kano (20)
T158 B98(G) W58 W95

rii (19)
T165 B87(F) W58 W87

miho (20)
T158 B84(D) W57 W83

megu (21)
T154 B84(D) W58 W85

yusa (20)
T160 B90(E) W59 W91

rito (20)
T163 B89(F) W58 W93

sara (20)
T167 B88(F) W57 W86

shiho (18)
T163 B93(I) W58 W87

mion (21)
T160 B95(G) W58 W90

tsuki (22)
T153 B87(F) W58 W86

nanohana (26)
T147 B81(B) W57 W82

yui (21)
T155 B86(D) W57 W87

himari (19)
T161 B84(C) W57 W84

yuu (25)
T156 B96(H) W61 W92

miyuu (26)
T155 B90(F) W58 W90

nagi (27)
T163 B83(C) W58 W84

satsuki (20)
T167 B88(F) W57 W86

nia (18)
T148 B88(E) W57 W85

ruka (22)
T154 B84(C) W56 W83

mikako (26)
T170 B83(B) W56 W85

himena (19)
T158 B85(D) W57 W87

mari (20)
T158 B95(I) W59 W84

hinako (20)
T155 B82(E) W58 W80

toa (21)
T163 B94(F) W58 W87

kii (20)
T168 B87(D) W56 W84

nazuna (25)
T152 B86(C) W57 W88

maya (20)
T160 B85(B) W58 W86

mikuru (18)
T154 B90(F) W58 W86

kirika (28)
T162 B86(C) W57 W82

mone (19)
T157 B83(B) W57 W83

tsubaki (20)
T163 B86(C) W57 W88

himeri (19)
T154 B86(D) W57 W85

ryou (23)
T157 B84(C) W57 W83

mitsuri (20)
T150 B88(E) W59 W92

runa (28)
T164 B88(E) W59 W90

ririka (20)
T154 B88(E) W59 W90

chiho (20)
T153 B95(F) W59 W92

riina (20)
T155 B84(C) W57 W88

uno (19)
T153 B91(F) W60 W88

rie (18)
T166 B97(E) W61 W95

miharu (21)
T154 B85(D) W57 W86

riko (20)
T155 B84(B) W57 W82

ayuna (19)
T158 B102(H) W59 W89

ringo (20)
T147 B84(C) W58 W84

shihori (31)
T170 B89(F) W59 W90

yura (20)
T162 B84(C) W58 W82

sayuri (41)
T153 B84(D) W58 W87

serika (23)
T152 B96(H) W58 W91

rimi (26)
T154 B96(G) W58 W95

misuzu (24)
T161 B83(C) W58 H85

iori (23)
T163 B90(G) W58 W89

azusa (20)
T161 B85(D) W58 W87

moka (23)
T158 B93(G) W58 W88

minato (20)
T153 B90(G) W58 W88

kuran (24)
T168 B84(C) W58 W83

kanade (18)
T160 B84(C) W56 W83

kina (21)
T170 B86(F) W58 W86

hinata (24)
T152 B83(C) W56 W84

asuna (22)
T161 B85(E) W56 W83

natsume (25)
T161 B105(G) W62 W106

chidori (30)
T165 B90(H) W58 W91

hiromi (20)
T153 B87(E) W57 W89

marina (23)
T157 B87(F) W58 W86

haru (20)
T159 B84(C) W57 W86

aiko (28)
T161 B97(H) W61 W93

amane (33)
T158 B84(C) W57 W84

rinka (25)
T160 B84(D) W57 W85

mana (25)
T165 B85(E) W58 W86

amina (18)
T150 B83(C) W57 W84

rino (18)
T153 B85(D) W59 W87

shiina (18)
T152 B80(C) W57 W80

masaki (20)
T150 B86(D) W55 W83

eruna (25)
T163 B84(E) W57 W87

anna (22)
T156 B89(F) W57 W88

minori (20)
T152 B86(F) W58 W87

an (29)
T159 B86(E) W58 W88

mao (24)
T170 B85(C) W58 W87

hinano (20)
T155 B82(C) W58 W85

hiiro (24)
T162 B89(F) W58 W87

ema (20)
T158 B83(B) W58 W82

yukino (25)
T162 B82(C) W57 W86

aki (20)
T158 B89(E) W58 W88

hibiki (18)
T159 B86(E) W58 W89

miu (20)
T165 B95(F) W60 W96

kotoha (21)
T150 B86(E) W57 W84

shion (25)
T162 B86(E) W58 W84

ompu (22)
T152 B85(E) W57 W80

ichigo (20)
T165 B91(F) W61 W90

rika (23)
T150 B82(C) W56 W83

honoka (20)
T155 B82(C) W57 W80

nanase (29)
T165 B84(C) W58 W83

mahiro (20)
T160 B92(F) W57 W84

reno (20)
T158 B87(E) W58 W86

arina (23)
T152 B84(E) W57 W86

riri (20)
T157 B99(H) W58 W86

chisa (18)
T153 B83(C) W59 W83

sara (24)
T157 B87(E) W58 W85

kotori (20)
T155 B84(D) W56 W83

saya (22)
T158 B87(E) W58 W85

tsubasa (18)
T164 B89(E) W57 W85

matsuri (23)
T169 B86(D) W58 W88

ayami (19)
T154 B84(C) W56 W85

narumi (19)
T161 B89(F) W57 W84

choko (21)
T155 B87(E) W58 W84

nonoka (23)
T152 B83(C) W57 W85

arisa (32)
T153 B87(D) W58 W85

harumi (22)
T159 B84(C) W57 W81

yukina (21)
T169 B85(D) W58 W84

rara (22)
T156 B95(G) W59 W96

miu (29)
T146 B82(C) W56 W80

sarina (23)
T157 B85(D) W57 W83

megumi (24)
T164 B85(C) W56 W86

natsuna (25)
T150 B84(C) W57 W83

kyouka (19)
T167 B80(C) W57 W80

mero (21)
T150 B92(E) W60 W88

kirari (20)
T169 B99(I) W59 W88

emi (18)
T151 B84(C) W57 W83

aya (19)
T157 B84(C) W57 W85

kurara (21)
T160 B87(D) W57 W88

naho (20)
T161 B90(E) W60 W88

yurina (20)
T163 B84(D) W58 W86

nami (24)
T149 B85(D) W60 W86

sanae (20)
T160 B85(D) W57 W87

kanako (22)
T155 B87(D) W58 W88

uika (20)
T167 B83(C) W57 W81

juri (20)
T153 B85(C) W57 W84

anri (29)
T165 B90(F) W56 W83

yuma (21)
T150 B90(F) W58 W89

hikari (20)
T155 B89(F) W58 W86

miyo (21)
T157 B86(E) W61 W87

hiyori (20)
T159 B80(B) W57 W79

otoha (20)
T158 B84(C) W57 W83

meru (19)
T152 B86(E) W57 W85

aika (21)
T160 B89(E) W58 W89

jun (21)
T148 B87(E) W59 W88

kanata (22)
T162 B91(F) W59 W89

mio (18)
T145 B90(G) W60 W88

kumi (19)
T150 B84(D) W58 W86

shino (23)
T166 B86(C) W58 W85

futaba (20)
T163 B86(E) W58 W85

kanon (20)
T163 B99(G) W61 W92

kie (22)
T155 B89(G) W60 W87

momiji (20)
T160 B94(H) W61 W93

erika (21)
T154 B86(D) W57 W86

kurea (20)
T158 B90(E) W59 W89

ruri (20)
T155 B85(C) W58 W87

umi (18)
T166 B85(C) W57 W86

namie (19)
T161 B86(E) W57 W88

shizuku (20)
T153 B84(C) W57 W87

yurika (20)
T160 B83(C) W56 W82

anzu (22)
T153 B91(G) W59 W89

ichika (23)
T159 B85(D) W58 W83

ayane (22)
T147 B85(E) W58 W86

ririna (22)
T162 B82(B) W56 W81

ana (22)
T156 B84(A) W59 W85

renka (26)
T162 B82(B) W57 W83

momoe (20)
T153 B85(E) W58 W85

karin (20)
T165 B83(C) W59 W85

yurie (22)
T140 B85(D) W58 W87

mai (24)
T153 B85(D) W57 W89

himeno (21)
T162 B84(C) W56 W84

azuki (18)
T156 B89(D) W61 W88

koko (25)
T147 B83(A) W57 W84

nachi (25)
T156 B100(G) W61 W102

fuyuka (31)
T157 B85(D) W59 W88

chisato (34)
T161 B84(D) W58 W83

urumi (24)
T155 B86(E) W58 W86

kirara (18)
T168 B86(D) W57 W86

mirei (19)
T164 B85(D) W57 W85

nanoha (20)
T157 B90(E) W59 W86

ayame (20)
T148 B74(B) W55 W77

seina (25)
T150 B87(F) W58 W89

maki (18)
T158 B83(C) W57 W84

ayumu (22)
T158 B83(C) W59 W85

rei (20)
T165 B90(H) W60 W89

rua (20)
T170 B85(D) W59 W86

hana (23)
T152 B86(F) W60 H86

remika (20)
T151 B83(C) W58 H85

rui (21)
T150 B81(C) W56 H83

aoi (20)
T166 B85(D) W56 H89

momoka (26)
T160 B95(G) W61 H94

emiri (20)
T165 B85(E) W56 H84

mitsuki (28)
T149 B96(F) W59 H89

inori (20)
T157 B84(C) W58 H85

nagisa (20)
T160 B82(D) W56 H80

neru (22)
T150 B86(E) W58 H88

kira (19)
T169 B90(G) W59 W84

rumiko (30)
T160 B96(G) W60 H90

serina (20)
T165 B86(D) W57 H83

yuri (19)
T155 B83(C) W55 H82

kasumi (26)
T159 B96(G) W58 H94

miria (20)
T164 B87(F) W58 W86

ruru (19)
T160 B85(C) W57 W84

reina (25)
T154 B86(D) W58 H85

natsu (26)
T149 B85(D) W55 H80

airi (23)
T146 B83(C) W57 H83

tomo (20)
T144 B81(B) W56 H82

chiaki (19)
T160 B83(B) W58 H86

misa (20)
T172 B90(E) W58 H90

ami (18)
T154 B85(D) W58 H86

seira (20)
T146 B85(E) W58 H84

shizuka (27)
T163 B80(A) W56 W85

maria (20)
T156 B87(D) W59 H87

ritsu (18)
T155 B90(E) W61 W87

yuka (20)
T158 B105(H) W59 W93

iroha (18)
T160 B95(G) W61 H93

akane (28)
T160 B81(C) W56 W82

miki (20)
T147 B90(F) W58 W85

ran (33)
T152 B96(F) W61 W91

mayu (25)
T155 B92(F) W60 W90

mii (23)
T163 B84(D) W58 W84

rio (32)
T156 B83(B) W56 W82

natsuki (28)
T156 B89(E) W63 W93

mayuri (25)
T165 B89(C) W58 W90

sae (25)
T166 B88(E) W58 W90

mei (26)
T160 B95(G) W58 W91

shouko (24)
T159 B89(E) W58 W90

yuru (24)
T168 B86(D) W57 W87

yukiko (24)
T155 B90(G) W61 H87

yumeka (28)
T158 B85(D) W55 H86

chihiro (22)
T160 B88(F) W59 W87

yumina (20)
T154 B84(E) W58 W85

eri (20)
T165 B83(B) W56 W80

kokona (20)
T160 B94(H) W61 W93

sana (27)
T154 B91(D) W59 W88

kuu (20)
T144 B87(D) W57 W84

izana (23)
T163 B114(L) W61 H100

jyuri (32)
T160 B90(F) W58 H88

miharu (20)
T161 B83(C) W57 H84