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¥17,000 ¥22,000 ¥27,000 ¥37,000
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From within Yokohama! Delivery Health [Spicy Women] brings you carefully selected women seeking stimuli that are different from their daily routines and are looking to provocatively stimulate your senses. It is super cheap but exciting, very cheap but the best. Furthermore, we have a largest number of adult toys available in the industry, such as vibrators and cosplay to use as well! All options are free!
We want you to be able to enjoy a little more.

*Normal Fee*
60 min 17,000 JPY
90 min 22,000 JPY
120 min 27,000 JPY
180 min 37,000 JPY

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We look forward to hearing from you★

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ena (21)
T151 B83(C) W57 W84

chiko (20)
T166 B90(F) W58 W90

konon (20)
T147 B83(B) W55 W82

koharu (31)
T160 B95(G) W61 W94

nana (33)
T164 B95(G) W60 W87

maki (20)
T158 B83(C) W57 W84

seren (29)
T149 B86(E) W57 W85

haru (20)
T160 B93(F) W58 W92

runa (26)
T162 B88(E) W63 W90

azu (23)
T145 B84(C) W57 W85

aina (20)
T155 B90(G) W57 W86

saho (26)
T149 B80(B) W57 W86

hera (18)
T157 B84(D) W57 W86

emiri (20)
T165 B85(E) W58 W84

nanami (21)
T157 B87(E) W58 W87

rina (20)
T156 B89(E) W59 W90

kotono (25)
T158 B98(G) W60 W90

yuuki (27)
T153 B90(F) W60 W89

erena (20)
T165 B88(E) W58 W87

serika (20)
T162 B86(D) W57 W86

yume (18)
T155 B82(B) W58 W84

non (19)
T155 B91(D) W61 W88

risa (26)
T157 B87(E) W58 W87

rise (21)
T157 B85(C) W57 W83

moka (20)
T162 B89(E) W58 W87

maya (20)
T160 B85(B) W58 W86

ao (23)
T153 B87(E) W59 W85

tsuki (18)
T161 B88(E) W58 W87

sayaka (22)
T155 B83(B) W58 W83

meari (20)
T159 B82(C) W58 W80

aika (20)
T162 B90(E) W59 W86

nagomi (19)
T150 B90(F) W59 W91

hinata (20)
T150 B83(C) W56 W82

natsumi (18)
T159 B84(C) W57 W87

kanae (20)
T160 B84(C) W58 W84

azuki (22)
T147 B84(D) W58 W85

mika (20)
T160 B87(D) W58 W87

mugi (18)
T159 B96(G) W59 W97

maaya (20)
T160 B84(D) W58 W86

tomoka (18)
T153 B87(D) W58 W88

miyabi (22)
T168 B86(E) W57 W85

reo (24)
T154 B82(C) W58 W81

akari (21)
T157 B105(J) W61 W90

kohaku (19)
T160 B86(E) W57 W84

fuuka (18)
T151 B82(B) W58 W83

saki (22)
T165 B82(B) W57 W83

yura (20)
T155 B83(B) W58 W83

natsu (21)
T160 B83(C) W55 W84

yua (23)
T154 B89(E) W60 W87

fuyu (20)
T156 B87(D) W58 W90

miran (19)
T163 B84(D) W58 W86

mikoto (21)
T155 B84(C) W58 W85

ruru (21)
T170 B108(I) W60 W98

tsumugi (22)
T160 B87(F) W58 W88

chiya (19)
T165 B92(F) W60 W90

reina (25)
T146 B89(G) W58 W86

sora (23)
T150 B86(E) W60 W87

madoka (20)
T157 B84(C) W58 W85

mami (19)
T153 B86(D) W57 W85

nozomi (26)
T155 B82(B) W55 W81

nonoka (19)
T148 B87(D) W58 W86

rino (24)
T163 B97(G) W58 W95

tsubaki (26)
T153 B85(E) W59 W86

tsukino (21)
T157 B90(F) W58 W89

hina (19)
T152 B88(E) W57 W87

ai (18)
T155 B85(D) W58 W84

rikako (20)
T162 B94(G) W58 W90

urara (19)
T160 B90(E) W58 W88

asahi (21)
T156 B85(D) W58 W84

michi (19)
T151 B97(H) W59 W95

minami (20)
T150 B85(E) W58 W86

sana (21)
T164 B85(D) W58 W85

chika (20)
T160 B90(F) W59 W89

maron (22)
T157 B100(G) W62 W90

nao (26)
T161 B88(E) W58 W87

ayuka (20)
T152 B85(D) W58 W84

shiina (21)
T169 B97(H) W62 W90

kana (21)
T161 B87(E) W57 W88

kairi (20)
T149 B85(C) W58 W86

yuki (19)
T165 B88(E) W58 W85

sui (21)
T166 B97(I) W58 W87

kai (20)
T164 B90(E) W58 W87

miki (32)
T150 B86(D) W58 W85

sena (20)
T167 B83(C) W59 W85

kotori (18)
T162 B85(D) W57 W84

miru (19)
T158 B84(D) W56 W82

maika (18)
T157 B86(D) W57 W87

chifuyu (20)
T169 B88(E) W57 W92

rika (19)
T158 B86(E) W57 W87

yuna (26)
T152 B90(D) W57 W89

fuwari (21)
T160 B95(E) W59 W97

ibuki (20)
T154 B84(C) W58 W85

rion (20)
T154 B84(C) W57 W83

nina (19)
T164 B90(F) W60 W88

yuiri (24)
T153 B84(B) W59 W90

mai (23)
T157 B99(F) W59 W92

rea (20)
T150 B84(C) W57 W82

sarasa (19)
T156 B84(D) W58 W88

himeka (22)
T159 B84(D) W58 W86

kanata (18)
T150 B85(D) W58 W87

momo (29)
T154 B87(E) W59 W89

momomi (28)
T153 B90(E) W58 W88

kaede (18)
T165 B93(F) W58 W93

rimi (20)
T152 B102(H) W60 W90

mayu (24)
T156 B102(E) W60 W90

nau (20)
T153 B87(F) W58 W85

riku (20)
T158 B85(D) W56 W82

nami (20)
T154 B90(F) W58 W88

rana (20)
T158 B90(F) W58 W91

mirai (27)
T146 B85(D) W58 W84

fumika (21)
T164 B90(G) W59 W89

ryou (21)
T164 B90(D) W60 W94

soruhi (21)
T149 B80(D) W60 W84

yuu (25)
T144 B84(C) W57 W82

mana (23)
T158 B90(F) W59 W88

hirari (20)
T166 B84(C) W57 W83

rabu (24)
T158 B87(H) W60 W86

nene (20)
T153 B96(I) W60 W94

ema (20)
T157 B95(G) W59 W93

ruina (18)
T155 B85(D) W59 W86

anzu (18)
T148 B86(F) W58 W85

rie (23)
T156 B83(C) W58 W85

ramu (20)
T150 B88(E) W59 W86

hono (18)
T155 B87(D) W58 W86

misato (20)
T156 B86(C) W58 W85

mahiru (24)
T169 B90(F) W59 W89

haruka (20)
T154 B83(C) W56 W83

mayumi (18)
T164 B89(G) W58 H88

mitsu (32)
T157 B87(F) W57 W87

honami (24)
T154 B87(E) W58 W88

yumemi (21)
T165 B98(A) W60 W95

miku (23)
T160 B84(C) W58 W85

riara (21)
T157 B84(C) W57 W83

konomi (27)
T146 B90(F) W59 W89

karen (19)
T162 B85(D) W57 W86

noa (18)
T160 B93(F) W59 W90

shion (20)
T160 B95(F) W59 W89

nagi (20)
T165 B91(F) W60 W90

kanade (18)
T160 B85(D) W57 W85

koko (30)
T158 B91(F) W62 W90

wakaba (22)
T168 B85(E) W57 W84

remika (20)
T151 B83(C) W58 W85

mako (24)
T156 B87(F) W60 W97

hanabi (19)
T165 B80(B) W55 W83

ruki (25)
T160 B87(D) W60 W86

ari (26)
T145 B95(G) W60 W85

aine (20)
T164 B94(F) W61 W95

ichika (22)
T155 B84(D) W57 W84

miya (18)
T153 B86(D) W60 W88

miwa (19)
T145 B82(B) W52 W84

shinoa (20)
T156 B85(D) W58 W86

kiho (21)
T152 B88(F) W58 W89

sayaka (18)
T163 B94(H) W60 W90

chii (18)
T145 B85(D) W57 W86

momo (18)
T164 B89(F) W60 W90

inori (21)
T160 B89(F) W58 W89

moena (20)
T155 B93(G) W58 W94

aoba (20)
T158 B85(E) W57 W86

kaname (19)
T167 B91(G) W59 W89

yuuri (20)
T150 B86(E) W58 W84

yuki (27)
T152 B85(D) W57 W86

kotone (22)
T163 B97(F) W61 W95

ame (20)
T158 B87(E) W60 W88

sumomo (24)
T157 B93(E) W60 W91

nui (18)
T157 B87(C) W58 W86

chinami (25)
T146 B97(H) W60 W90

akiho (20)
T150 B84(C) W58 W84

oto (20)
T154 B85(D) W58 W83

kizuna (20)
T168 B84(C) W56 W83

ribon (20)
T155 B83(B) W55 W82

shouko (19)
T153 B82(B) W56 W80

ramune (20)
T161 B88(F) W58 W87

yuma (22)
T156 B86(E) W59 W86

ria (26)
T160 B85(D) W58 W84

kotono (20)
T153 B92(G) W58 W89

reo (20)
T162 B84(D) W58 W85

kurumi (21)
T160 B82(B) W57 W83

suzu (20)
T170 B87(E) W59 W89

moa (22)
T163 B86(E) W58 W87

aira (22)
T157 B85(C) W57 W90

moeka (20)
T170 B100(F) W60 W95

yura (18)
T159 B86(E) W58 W87

umi (26)
T155 B85(E) W57 W86

chiyu (18)
T163 B85(C) W58 W93

yuara (18)
T155 B86(F) W57 W85

mona (18)
T156 B86(D) W57 W85

shiruku (21)
T164 B98(F) W58 W88

mio (20)
T158 B87(F) W58 W85

natsu (27)
T163 B86(E) W58 W84

risa (26)
T165 B86(E) W61 W85

noeru (25)
T156 B97(G) W60 W98

miou (37)
T160 B93(F) W60 W92

anju (25)
T153 B87(E) W59 W88

tsukimi (24)
T161 B84(D) W57 W83

mayuka (22)
T155 B84(B) W57 W85

sae (23)
T157 B83(C) W56 W83

riku (20)
T159 B90(G) W58 W89

shinobu (22)
T157 B90(F) W58 W89

rumi (24)
T158 B89(E) W58 W85

hinata (20)
T170 B86(D) W56 W84

serika (24)
T162 B80(B) W57 W84

kokomi (24)
T148 B88(E) W61 W88

moka (23)
T150 B93(F) W59 W85

kaede (21)
T158 B85(E) W61 W88

himari (20)
T170 B93(G) W60 W89

sorane (21)
T152 B84(D) W57 W85

remi (22)
T157 B92(F) W58 W90

toko (19)
T157 B91(F) W59 W90

usagi (20)
T153 B86(G) W58 W86

mashiro (19)
T157 B95(H) W59 W88

nako (20)
T153 B95(F) W59 W93

asuka (20)
T156 B87(D) W58 W88

mao (20)
T171 B98(G) W58 W96

namina (20)
T161 B90(E) W59 W92

niko (18)
T155 B87(D) W58 W88

meu (19)
T157 B90(D) W59 W87

shio (18)
T154 B88(D) W58 W86

konoka (23)
T167 B85(C) W57 W84

kanami (22)
T153 B85(C) W59 W87

hinako (19)
T160 B97(F) W59 W92

honoka (20)
T158 B84(C) W57 W83

naomi (27)
T160 B88(E) W60 W87

yuino (18)
T165 B97(F) W58 W95

neiro (19)
T145 B87(E) W56 W84

kiko (20)
T153 B83(B) W64 W84

akemi (20)
T160 B92(F) W60 W90

mimi (19)
T169 B86(D) W57 W85

hime (20)
T152 B95(F) W58 W84

chie (20)
T155 B88(D) W56 W81

amu (20)
T159 B86(E) W57 W85

nazuna (20)
T160 B85(D) W58 W84

shiho (18)
T163 B93(I) W58 W87

riria (23)
T164 B102(F) W60 W96

hikaru (22)
T146 B80(B) W57 W80

mizuki (22)
T160 B87(F) W57 W85

maho (18)
T156 B90(E) W59 W88

miruku (20)
T146 B80(B) W56 W81

yukari (23)
T155 B90(F) W59 W87

himeka (23)
T166 B87(C) W58 W86

chiharu (18)
T163 B103(D) W61 W92

ako (18)
T162 B90(F) W58 W89

rima (21)
T155 B87(D) W57 W84

misaki (24)
T152 B87(F) W59 W86

misono (30)
T160 B83(C) W59 W88

mafuyu (20)
T162 B88(E) W59 W86

yuria (20)
T158 B88(F) W58 W87

ayana (26)
T150 B85(C) W57 W86

yuuna (26)
T160 B90(F) W61 W92

ayame (27)
T162 B87(D) W61 W89

yuuha (20)
T151 B71(B) W54 W71

tomomi (23)
T155 B85(D) W57 W85

chino (21)
T170 B80(B) W57 W85

reona (20)
T156 B89(E) W58 W87

yumena (18)
T153 B84(D) W57 W85

matsuri (20)
T160 B91(F) W60 W87

yuko (19)
T166 B96(I) W60 W88

aran (20)
T146 B82(C) W57 W86

rikka (20)
T155 B88(E) W58 W84

ranon (20)
T171 B87(D) W58 W84

miko (20)
T152 B86(D) W59 W85

kaoru (18)
T166 B97(I) W59 W90

miyuu (20)
T146 B84(C) W55 W83

yue (20)
T156 B86(D) W57 W85

ame (18)
T154 B80(B) W56 W79

mirai (20)
T161 B86(D) W58 W88

yurin (20)
T154 B91(F) W59 W93

hazuki (23)
T158 B88(D) W56 W82

china (25)
T154 B89(E) W58 W88

moena (20)
T155 B93(G) W58 W94

ito (20)
T153 B89(E) W58 W90

mahiro (26)
T156 B89(E) W58 W87

rin (19)
T157 B86(B) W57 W84

budou (20)
T160 B93(G) W60 W89

haru (21)
T156 B83(C) W57 W84

towa (19)
T155 B86(D) W58 W85

miku (31)
T157 B86(C) W59 W88

kohaku (20)
T158 B85(E) W57 W86

koyuki (20)
T160 B89(E) W58 W94

aina (20)
T160 B85(E) W58 W86

izumi (23)
T165 B86(D) W60 W87

suzune (23)
T162 B84(D) W59 W83

waka (19)
T161 B85(D) W58 W86

aria (19)
T153 B84(C) W56 W83

manami (19)
T168 B90(F) W58 W88

rizu (31)
T165 B86(F) W58 W85

sakura (19)
T155 B88(E) W60 H87

yuuki (20)
T152 B94(E) W57 W89

raito (19)
T168 B92(K) W59 W89

hinano (20)
T142 B82(D) W58 W83

hanako (19)
T159 B85(D) W57 W86

nona (23)
T158 B83(C) W58 W82

kiho (28)
T157 B93(F) W58 W89

arare (26)
T155 B86(D) W57 W87

ui (22)
T160 B112(K) W59 W99

ruka (20)
T147 B92(G) W61 W86

kano (20)
T158 B98(G) W58 W95

rii (19)
T165 B87(F) W58 W87

miho (20)
T158 B84(D) W57 W83

rayu (20)
T148 B88(E) W58 W85

mayu (20)
T168 B87(C) W58 W86

minami (20)
T157 B88(D) W61 W89

miyu (20)
T163 B86(D) W57 W85

megu (21)
T154 B84(D) W58 W85

yusa (20)
T160 B90(E) W59 W91

rito (20)
T163 B89(F) W58 W93

hina (20)
T142 B87(D) W57 W83

mana (24)
T162 B85(E) W57 W84

sara (20)
T167 B88(F) W57 W86

mion (21)
T160 B95(G) W58 W90

yudzuki (29)
T158 B87(E) W56 W84

tsuki (22)
T153 B87(F) W58 W86

nanohana (26)
T147 B81(B) W57 W82

yui (21)
T155 B86(D) W57 W87

himari (19)
T161 B84(C) W57 W84

minami (20)
T165 B89(D) W58 W90

yuu (25)
T156 B96(H) W61 W92

nagi (27)
T163 B83(C) W58 W84

niina (25)
T159 B98(H) W59 W88

satsuki (20)
T167 B88(F) W57 W86

nia (18)
T148 B88(E) W57 W85

ruka (22)
T154 B84(C) W56 W83

mikako (26)
T170 B83(B) W56 W85

himena (19)
T158 B85(D) W57 W87

mari (20)
T158 B95(I) W59 W84

hinako (20)
T155 B82(E) W58 W80

toa (21)
T163 B94(F) W58 W87

kii (20)
T168 B87(D) W56 W84

nazuna (25)
T152 B86(C) W57 W88

maya (20)
T160 B85(B) W58 W86

mikuru (18)
T154 B90(F) W58 W86

kirika (28)
T162 B86(C) W57 W82

mone (19)
T157 B83(B) W57 W83

tsubaki (20)
T163 B86(C) W57 W88

himeri (19)
T154 B86(D) W57 W85

ryou (23)
T157 B84(C) W57 W83

mitsuri (20)
T150 B88(E) W59 W92

kokona (28)
T160 B89(E) W59 W94

runa (28)
T164 B88(E) W59 W90

ririka (20)
T154 B88(E) W59 W90

hono (18)
T155 B87(D) W58 W86

chiho (20)
T153 B95(F) W59 W92

riina (20)
T155 B84(C) W57 W88

uno (19)
T153 B91(F) W60 W88

ayaha (20)
T160 B92(F) W61 W93

rie (18)
T166 B97(E) W61 W95

miharu (21)
T154 B85(D) W57 W86

riko (20)
T155 B84(B) W57 W82

noa (18)
T150 B88(E) W58 W87

ayuna (19)
T158 B102(H) W59 W89

ringo (20)
T147 B84(C) W58 W84

shihori (31)
T170 B89(F) W59 W90

miyuu (26)
T155 B90(F) W58 W90

yura (20)
T162 B84(C) W58 W82

sayuri (41)
T153 B84(D) W58 W87

serika (23)
T152 B96(H) W58 W91

rimi (26)
T154 B96(G) W58 W95

misuzu (24)
T161 B83(C) W58 H85

iori (23)
T163 B90(G) W58 W89

azusa (20)
T161 B85(D) W58 W87

moka (23)
T158 B93(G) W58 W88